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Resolution No. 395 was adopted on March 18, 2022 in the Russian Federation, on the specifics of access to information contained in the state accounting (financial) information resource and disclosure of consolidated financial statements in 2022.
This resolution states that an organization that was required to disclose annual and interim consolidated financial statements (financial statements of organizations), have the right to refuse to disclose such statements if disclosure of the statements leads to the introduction of restrictive measures by foreign states, state associations, unions and institutions of foreign states in relation to this organization and other persons. Access to financial information contained in the state information resource will be restricted on the basis of an application submitted by the concerned organization.

Russia is preparing to restrict entry to the country for citizens of Germany and other "unfriendly countries". This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He pointed that these measures are being introduced in response to the restrictions that have previously imposed against Russia. Details of the planned restrictions are not reported.

The G7 countries rejected Russia's requirement to pay for the import of Russian gas in rubles. This was announced by German Economy Minister Robert Habeck following consultations with the energy ministers of the G7 countries, which includes Germany, the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, Canada and Japan.
Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to convert gas settlements with "unfriendly countries" into rubles. Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that if these countries refuse to pay for gas in rubles, Russia may stop supplying them with gas.

The European Commission provided an explanation according to which the company, the majority of shares which is jointly owned by two or more sub-sanctioned persons, even if none of them owns more than 50%, is considered to be under sanctions. Previously, such a rule was not applied in the EU, unlike, for example, in the USA.

General director of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin, said that the state corporation's enterprises will establish their own production of products necessary for aviation, agriculture, energy, medicine.

Logistics needs three, maximum six months in different industries, in order to adjust supply channels, sales to those countries that are ready to purchase and supply products to Russia, reported Mr. Manturov, Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

NLMK group is continuing to supply its steel products to Europe and the United States on schedule, CFO Shamil Kurmashov said.

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