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 Standard report samples

Above you may see the samples of credit reports on companies in the countries with the most demand.

The samples of credit reports on companies in the other countries may be provided by separate request.

The availability of data on companies depends on legislation in every specific country, openness of information sources, as well as the willingness of company's administration for communication.

Credit Information Reports

Our reports and ratings are approved by the leading world credit insurers for credit risk estimation: Sinosure, K-Sure, Credendo Group, Hermes AG, Atradius, Euler Hermes, etc.

Why us?

Our reputation is your guarantee

IGK Group provides precise and detailed data of companies all over the world with a special focus on Central Europe, Russia, and other CIS countries, Ukraine, Baltics, etc. Our highly skilled staff in 12 own offices and more than 50 reliable partners worldwide provide you with the information you need, according to the international standards.

Real time data and Information completeness
Our information is derived from a variety of sources, including state and commercial registers, information data bases, mass-media, and actual date interview with the company’s management (keeping the client’s name confidential). Each IGK report goes through a fresh investigation, so our clients get the most actual data.

Knowledge. Experience. Methodology.
We confirm the gathered information by our own analyze and research. Every credit report contains creditworthiness and credit recommendation by our financial analysts, who have over 30 years experience in the field.

1. Standard report

Standard? That's only the start

Standard report is intended for trade credit insurers and suppliers for a swift decision of unsecured short-term delivery for the buyer.

Credit reports include company assessment, credit rating and credit limit. As the most experienced and technologically advanced company in our field we provide the most accurate credit reports for businesses.
  • Business temp and today life speed demand fast decision making

Online access for services is a serious help for the client. Perfectly well understanding it we develop all our new technologies in credit management field just in this way. The service has necessary operations for providing Credit Reporting business activity. The "Credit Reporting" web service is a good basis for building automated B2B communications. Based on accepted standards, the service is expected to keep its actuality for a long time

The credit report has 3 different delivery speeds for your best convenience.

More information about standard report

2. In-Depth report

Need an in-depth study?

Company or group of companies’ assessment for significant credit limits Depth Report is intended to reveal the potential of researched company’s creditworthiness through deeper look into the company’s inside. As the additional potential the resources of the Group can be considered.

The report will include general information (registration data, contact data, shareholders, staff, business line), business rivals, market position, information about clients and suppliers, own and rented assets, judicial and arbitral proceedings, claims of tax authorities, financial statements for the last 3 periods, financial analysis and conclusion.

The report will also include the information on related persons and companies as well as the answers on client's special questions.

Answers on special questions.

More information about in-depth report

3. Rating (Audit) Report

Wish to define your company's politics?

Rating (audit) report is recommended for making decision on long-term strategic partnership and high value deals, where a standard report is not enough.

It represents a mini audit of a company prepared after a scheduled visit that our specialist pays to the company’s business location. The report is concluded by assessment of company's performance and assignment of credit rating and credit limit. It is also possible to include your special questions or areas of interest.

The report will include general information (registration data, contact data, shareholders, staff, business line), business rivals, market position, information about clients and suppliers, own and rented assets, judicial and arbitral proceedings, claims of tax authorities, financial statements for the last 3 periods, financial analysis and conclusion.

You can visit your partner yourself?
Yes, for sure, but it is an independent and local specialist judgement that matters.

We do not only look through the financial data of the company, but we also use our experience and knowledge of the market and local environment, and during visit to company’s premises we are attentive to even such details on whether the printer is dusty or whether the phones are ringing.

More information about Rating-report

4. Due Diligence Report

This research envisages collection and analysis of all documents testifying on the Company’s background, including investigation in regard of its Board Members, Shareholders and Beneficiaries, Property search, Payment history and other insider information. DD Report is developed confidentially, without notification of company’s Board/Owners about investigation.

5. Site-Visit Report

Site-Visit Report stipulates the Standard Credit report including visit of IGK authorized agent to visit the researched company’s address/addresses to make photos of its buildings, premises from outside and inside, photo of other assets (transport fleet, auxiliary constructions, etc.).

6. Express Company Report

What is IGK online portal for Russia?

IGK online portal is designed for verification and assessment of the creditworthiness of companies and businessmen registered in Russia providing an instant online report available in 3 languages: English, German and Russian.

Online report contains:
All official information available in the database of the Federal State Statistics Board including financial data and additional information from the State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL/USRLE) with regular update;
Negative information from the bankruptcy database (information on bankruptcy procedures and external management);
IGK credit opinion: credit rating and credit limit. Credit rating and credit limit is an expert report of the specialists of IGK on creditworthiness of companies.

More information about Express-report  

Probability of Default – Solution IGK

Special offer

Try out IGK Group bankruptcy forecasting system for free
You can enter up to 5 company registration numbers and within 3 days we will send the results of the express check of the bankruptcy probability for those to your email.

The ‘Express Check of Bankruptcy Probability’ promotional offer.

More information about Bankruptcy Probability Forecast

Express assessment of credit limit

Special offer

Try out express assessment of credit limit for free
If your company had to regularly purchase something from foreign suppliers, you probably came across such a value as the Credit Limit from an insurance company.
We invite you to take a first approximation of the creditworthiness of your company and the assessment of its Credit Limit for one single shipment.

The ‘Express assessment of credit limit’ promotional offer.

More information about Express assessment of credit limit

Industry Overviews for Russia

We are glad to present our new product: Industry Overview

Please find in attachment two samples of industry overviews for Russia with the latest macroeconomic data available. Please note the attached overviews represent our possibilities and can be significantly expanded by including macroeconomic indicators by demand as we have access to more than 5 000 macroeconomic indicators for Russia.

Please, Click Here for Industry Overview Samples


Bad news? Well, it happens, but be the first to know

Precise. Convenient. Simply takes your headache away.
One day your partner may go bankrupt without telling you. Make sure you get the notification of company’s official status change on time and ensure your ability to respond quickly to the problems encountered.

Besides change of company’s official status, it is also possible to monitor the change of shareholders, management, legal address and other data. The monitoring works as simple as that – you provide the list of customers to monitor and name the positions you’d like to be included in the monitoring, and you will be receiving email notification if anything happens.

You can monitor yourself?
Yes, but you would need to make sure you check all the necessary local information sources, conduct the check as often as necessary, and have enough knowledge of local environment to interpret the information found correctly.
Be wise and avoid the risks, let us help you.

Custom Questions & Special Information

Have anything specific in mind? Just ask us

Maybe you need to obtain a hard copy of company’s register extract? Or maybe you need to know if the company of your request is a member of the group and it has shareholder-related companies?
You name it, we investigate.
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