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The representative of IGK, the chief analyst of our company Irina Kochubey attended in the country review webinar as a speaker and introduced the latest information about current situation in Ukraine. As IGK is an active member of FEBIS we used this opportunity to share available information with all members of this organization.

Irina Kochubey informed about present situation - general description of the country, different information sources as well as about services our company continues providing in Ukraine, despite complicated situation. As our clients are in desperate need for information about their customers, our company still provides credit reports about companies located in Ukraine, we also are able to make the visits to the companies (if current situation in certain region allows to make the visit without endangerment of our employees) and other services. It helps us gathering the information from different Ukrainian companies about situation in their region, so Irina was able to share this information with our colleagues from FEBIS.

We would like to thank Silvia Amaral da Fonseca and all team of FEBIS - Federation of Business Information Services for this opportunity. We will keep an eye on further developments in Ukraine and it is expected that after some time we will repeat this webinar.


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