Why IGK?
The reputation is our guarantee
Some facts about IGK

Has been working since 1990.

IGK headquarter offices:
Germany, Latvia

IGK presents

The global international network includes more than 50 partners
all over the world


IGK Group helps to create a business environment that enables lenders to minimize financial losses due to unpaid debts.


The success of IGK is due to our strong team of specialists and managers who fully understand the credit management field both internationally and locally. The company brings together experienced and responsible professionals. The result is that our clients receive the highest quality service in the field of credit reporting and debt collection and credit insurance.


IGK AG (Germany) is the single shareholder of all companies of IGK Group

IGK history

IGK has more than 30 years experience
providing the customer's credit management services


What we can do for you?

IGK Credit information

Credit information

IGK information and rating helps you defining your company’s credit politics towards your partners. The clients of IGK are the leading credit insurance companies Atradius, Euler Hermes, Credendo Group, Sinosure, K-Sure and many others.

IGK Credit Risk Insurance

Credit Risk Insurance

Credit insurance — contribution to the security of your business.

IGK Debt Collection

Debt Collection

IGK debt collection is used by all world leading credit insurers.

IGK Group credit risk management services
IGK Group – Credit risk management. IGK AG subsidiaries operate in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
and Russia: in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Samara, Tambov, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Perm.

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