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Credit risk insurance procedure
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Credit risk insurance – it’s a possibility to secure your business from dishonest and insolvent partners

Working as an experienced broker we will help you to insure the risk for nonpayment.

Risk for nonpayment is following 80% of the world trade turnover, which is done on the payment deferment conditions.

Insured event is recognized in the following situations:
  • Bankruptcy of the Buyer;
  • Protracted default - Buyer does not fulfill his obligations for a certain period of time.
Credit Risk insurance Benefits:
  • Credit risk insurance helps prevent losses caused by debtor’s bankruptcy or protracted default
  • Credit risk insurance gives you competitive advantages. You can:
    • change pre-payment for deferred payment terms,
    • prolong deferred payment term,
    • start actively and with confidence working with new buyers and at new markets
  • Credit risk insurance gives you an opportunity to replenish current assets
    with the help of bank credit or factoring without a pledge.

There are about 500 bankruptcies in the “old” ES countries…
…1 bankrupt - every 3 minutes…
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