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  1. Standard IGK report

  2. IGK specialist collects the documents of the company:
    • Registration documents
    • Financial documents
    • Management financial documents (if they are available)

  3. After examining the documents, IGK specialist make on-site visits and completes the standard IGK questionnaire with not public information:
    • History of the company
    • Position in the market
    • Information about suppliers
    • Information about customers (concentration, method of payment, etc)
    • Information on current and future credits
    • Information on property
    • Shareholders (possible changes)
    • Management (possible changes, experience, qualification)
    • Reliability of the financial information
    • Environment

    Additional information may be added by our IGK specialist during the meeting. Much of the above is dependent on the transparency of the requested company.

  4. The final rating will be evaluated on the basis of the financial data (automatically counted financial ratios) and on the information received by your IGK specialist.
                                Delivery time - 3 weeks

You could have a look at the sample of visit report...

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